30 Day Challenges

30 Day Makeup Challenge:

Day 1. Lace Makeup Look

This look was so time consuming!  I decided it would take too long for both eyes.  Sorry it's kind of messy ):  It's not easy to keep the lines clean with a cheap eyeliner.  I hope you enjoyed this!

Day 2. Tim Burton "Evil" Character Makeup Look

I'm sure you all can guess who I am ^^ It was really more of an inspired look rather than a copy.  I actually did a lot of research on Tim Burton's antagonists!  I could only really think of the Queen of Hearts and Oogey Boogey.  I didn't want to do either one but the rest of the antagonists I found were either regular men, or shabby looking women.  I bet tomorrow's challenge will be fun though (:

Day 3. Tim Burton "Good" Character Makeup Look

Sorry for the crappy five minute hair color edit lol.  I felt like Sally was incomplete without her red hair.  Sally is my favorite Disney character.  Instead of having a "Prince Charming", I've always said that I want a Jack Skellington.  I like the idea of a love that never dies.  I also love Halloween.  I think I'd trade Christmas away for Halloween hehe ^^

Day 4. Geisha Makeup Look

I'm going to skip this one since I do not own white foundation or red lipstick. Lol.

Day 5. Goth/Emo Makeup Look

This look took longer than I thought it would.  I'm not even sure why haha!

Day 6. Gemstone Makeup Look *Birthstone or favorite*

The gemstone I chose is a pink sapphire :3

Day 7. Villain Makeup Look
Day 8. Mermaid Makeup Look
Day 9. Harry Potter House Colors Makeup Look
Day 10. Ganguro Makeup Look
Day 11. Lady Gaga Makeup Look
Day 12. Zombie/Gore Makeup Look
Day 13. Candy Makeup Look
Day 14. Favorite Book Cover Makeup Look
Day 15. Favorite Music Video Makeup Look
Day 16. Sunset Makeup Look
Day 17. Space Makeup Look *Google planets, star systems, nebula*
Day 18. Favorite Season Makeup Look
Day 19. 20's Makeup Look
Day 20. Wench Makeup Look *Pirate Wenches*
Day 21. Favorite Flower Makeup Look
Day 22. Animal Makeup Look
Day 23. Clashing, Ugly Makeup Look
Day 24. Pattern Makeup Look *Plaid, stripes, polka dots, ect*
Day 25. Legend of Zelda Great Fairy Makeup Look
Day 26. Favorite Holiday Makeup Look
Day 27. Katy Perry Makeup Look
Day 28. Butterfly Makeup Look
Day 29. Elemental Makeup Look *Fire, Water, Earth, Wood, Metal*
Day 30. Elvish Makeup Look