Sunday, September 25, 2011

e.l.f. Review, the Bad

So as you seen in my post below, I recently bought many things from e.l.f.
I bought about 40 things so I need to break up the review.  I decided to make a post about the disappointing things, the decent things, and the things that I really liked.

The first thing that really disappointed me was the nail polish I bought.
This is what the colors look like on the website:
Metal Madness, Teal Blue, and Punk Purple

This is what I received:
I was happy with the color of the Teal Blue nail polish.  The colors of the Metal Madness and the Punk Purple nail polishes were not what I was expecting.
The color of the Metal Madness I received was too dark.  On the website the color was much more silver and metallic.  The one I received was more of a glittery gun metal.  I did like the color of this one but I would have preferred the advertised color.
The Punk Purple nail polish I received was not purple at all!  It was more of a crimson.  The color of the nail polish on the website was more of a dark fuchsia.

Aside from the off-coloring, the application was very good.  It went on smooth and was not streaky.  It also dried quickly.

Easy and even application
Dries quickly
Coloring on 2 out of 3 were off

Rating: 3/5 (It would be a 5/5 if the colors matched the advertised color)

I was also disappointed with one of the false eyelashes I purchased.
(The top one in the photo below)
They look very nice!
This is what I received:
They are not evenly spaced.  There is a large noticeable gap in the lashes on the left.
I was not pleased with this at all.  

Easy to apply

Uneven spacing
The glue isn't strong (I had to use a different eyelash glue because the glue it came with would peel at the ends)

Rating: 2/5 (It did not look nice and the glue is a significant component that did not work well.)


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