Friday, September 30, 2011

e.l.f. Review, the Good

There is actually only one thing that I really loved from e.l.f.
I like the powder eyeshadows but to me, eyeshadow is all the same.  I still need to use a primer AND a sealer for my eyeshadow to stay. 
The one thing I really love is the Mascara Primer.
It does exactly what it is advertised to do, lengthen and volumize.
I always use this primer before I apply mascara unless I'm trying to go for a really natural look.
It adds a lot of length and volume, great for dramatic or dolly looks!
Bare lashes
With primer

Adds length and volu
Doesn't make lashes feel heavy
Great price ($3)

Takes long to apply



  1. I was curious about the primer. Good review. Looks like it works well enough. Have you tried their waterproof mascara? I really like it, downside is that it dries out too soon...But yes, good review!

  2. never tried this brand before~ it sounds promising though ^^

  3. Rosamond Kim: The primer is great! I've tried other primers before and the results weren't as good. A lot of them are difficult to fully cover. Some of the ones I have tried were clumpy as well! I haven't tried the waterproof mascara. I use Dolly Wink Volume and Maybelline Lash Stiletto(:

  4. Lina Kim: This brand is just decent for the most part. For most of the things I have bought, I really did get what I paid for. The cost of everything is very cheap but sometimes quality is being sacrificed. There were very few things that I bought that were good enough to use everyday.