Sunday, October 9, 2011

Goo Hara (Kara) Inspired Tutorial

This is my very first tutorial!
This one is going to be about Goo Hara's makeup in the MR. music video.

In my opinion Goo Hara is the most beautiful Korean girl I've ever laid eyes on.  She's just like a doll!  Now, I'm in no way saying that I look like Goo Hara (although I wish I could say I look like her).  This is just a Goo Hara inspired tutorial.  I hope you enjoy it!
It's going to be photo heavy so click below if you would like to see(:
First I'm going to show some photos I've taken from the music video.

She's beautiful right? <3
Now, here's my version of her look (sorry about the crappy lighting and quality of my mac's camera)
Now for the tutorial (:
This is my fresh face.  Gross right?
Step One: BB Cream
I've just finished applying my L'egere White Multi BB Cream.  It evens out my skin tone and makes my skin appear brighter.  It also gives light coverage.
Step Two: Concealer and Foundation
This is after concealer and foundation.  My skin looks much better!
Step Three: Lining Your Waterlines
Line your upper and lower lash line with a black cream or pencil eyeliner.  Line your bottom water line heavily enough that it goes onto your lower lash line a bit as we will be smudging this to create smolder.
Step Four: Line Your Upper Lash Line
Line your upper lash line with a black cream or pencil liner (cream works the best).  Line the inner part of your eyes very close to the lash line.  You want your eyeliner to start off as a thin line that gradually gets thicker toward the outer edges of your eyes.  Do not worry about making this line perfect because we will be smudging this line as well.
Step Five: Line the Inner Corners of Your Eyes
You want to line the inner corners as best as you can.  You can even create a point just like Hara's
Step Six: Smudge Your Eyeliner
Smudge your eyeliner on the upper and lower lash lines so that the lines do not look too harsh.  You also want to smudge your lower lash line so that your eyeliner looks a bit heavier.
Step Seven: Eyeshadow
First, take a medium brown color and apply it all over your lids.  You want to go a little above your crease line and blend blend blend.  You do not want any harsh edges and you want to try to bring your eyeshadow up so that it's darker on the bottom and gradually gets lighter toward the top.  Don't stop blending until it looks like it's a smooth transition from eyeshadow to skin.
Now taking a darker brown, apply all over your lids but do not pass your crease line.  Blend until it's a smooth transition from dark brown to medium brown.
Now, take a dark gray or a black shade.  Start from the outer corner of your eye like you are making a winged effect about a centimeter from the outer corner.  Create a 'V' shape by bringing the eyeshadow up along the edge of the medium brown shade.  Slightly fill in your 'V'.  Blend the middle so that the black/gray doesn't look too harsh but you want to be able to see a prominent color change.  Slightly blend the edges of your eyeshadow but only so that the edges are not harsh.  You do not need to blend until it looks like it is a smooth transition from eyeshadow to skin.
Here is how it should look so far.
Step Eight: Silver Dots
So if you have a silver eyeliner, you should use that to create dots under your eyeliner.  The dots should be about 2-3mm in diameter.  If you do not own a silver eyeliner like me, use a silver eyeshadow.  I used a powder eyeshadow and mixed it with one drop of moisturizer to create a thick paste and applied it using an angled eyeliner brush.  I also think a toothpick could do the job.
Step Nine: Mascara, Blush, and Lip Color
I did not use my mascara heavily.  Hara does not put emphasis on her lower lashes so I did not use a primer or a volumizing mascara.  I used one coat of lengthening mascara.  For my upper lashes, I curled them and used two coats of lengthening mascara.  You could use a very natural false lash like Hara did but make sure it doesn't hide your eyeshadow too much (: Use your blush lightly and top the look off with a baby pink lip.  I used a liquid lipstick.
Now you're done!  I hope you enjoyed this tutorial!



  1. nice tutorial!
    you look so cute. :)

  2. You look so pretty! You did a really good job on replicating Kara's look :D

  3. @Rinny
    Thank you! I really appreciate it ^^

  4. Miko you did an amazing job!! Your eyes are so pretty to begin with and the black liner just enhances it even more! Nice tutorial!

  5. hi miko!

    thanks for following ^__^ i followed you back!
    love the tutorial <3 you did a great job and the result looks super pretty :o


  6. @Fanny
    I'm glad you like it^^
    There should be more to come!

  7. @cutielippi
    Wow thank you so much!
    I really appreciate it<3

  8. You did an amazing job!!! I'm actually gonna try this out using your tutorial. ;)

  9. @[jenwoonani]
    That's awesome! I'm really glad you like it. I bet it will look great on you (: Your eyes are such a great shape for this look^^

  10. Make up is perfect! you're nice. If you like italian Style, follow me. Frances

  11. @The Afternoon Tea
    Thank you! <3
    I would love to learn about Italian Style. Thank you for sharing your blog!

  12. We love Hara's eyes! Thanks for the tutorial! although we know it won't work on us since we don't have double eyelids on both sides LOLZ

  13. @annmich
    Hara is beautiful<3
    I wish I had monolids though! You can always use tape to make double eyelids but you can never get monolids from double eyelids!