Saturday, October 29, 2011

Maybelline NY Lash Discovery Mascara Review

I haven't been wearing false lashes very often because they are getting all old and out of shape and since I don't have a container for them, I keep losing them!  Before I found this mascara, I was using Maybelline Lash Stiletto with Dolly Wink Volume.  Occasionally I would use Urban Decay's Big Fatty mascara but I don't really like the formula because it's so dry and waxy lol.  This is definitely my new HG lengthening mascara!
In the packaging
The wand is actually very small.  Great for those hard to reach areas.
Bare, uncurled lashes.
Only curled.
Curled with Lash Discover mascara
Lash Discovery paired with one coat of Dolly Wink Volume.

My take:
This mascara is great!  It really lengthens and defines your lashes without any clumping at all.  I love the small applicator, it makes it really easy to get your bottom lashes and those hard to reach corners.  The formula itself is really light.  It is not one of those mascaras that are very thick and a lot of extra mascara clumps on the very tip of the wand.  The tip of the wand on this mascara is always clean!  I really like this because I use the tip to individually define my lashes and it seems like a waste to wipe off all that excess mascara!  This mascara claims to be waterproof and guess what?  It really is.  I dabbed water all over my bottom lashes and the mascara did not run.  

Very cheap (I bought it  for $5.99 at Target)
Lengthens and defines
Small applicator for those hard to reach areas
No excess mascara on the wand
No clumps
It may take some patience to apply.  You may need to build layers since the formula isn't thick.

Rating: 5/5 This mascara is fantastic!

One day I need to try Dolly Wink Long Mascara.  I heard great things about it!  I wish it was more readily available though.



  1. geeee your eyelashes are so long! Nice post :)

  2. Omg your lashes are super super long! The mascara makes it even longer, I'm jealous D:

  3. @katherine
    I was really surprised how long they looked today! They aren't normally so long looking.

  4. @Tiffany-kim
    Hehe don't be jealous! My lashes usually do not look long at all. Most of the time they look straight and short.

  5. wowza, they are long!! what are you talking about?! ;o
    you won't need false lashes nor extensions.
    totally jealous here. ;p

  6. @L e n a
    I think it was just good camera angling!
    False lashes look so amazing, I would never want to give them up even if my lashes were very long!

  7. Whoa! Your lashes are so long!
    Great review love!
    I definitely will try this someday<3

  8. Thank you ! I hope you enjoy it!

  9. Wow! Your lashes are so long! You dont even need to curl them! They look healthy too ^^

    xoxo tifuani

  10. @tifuani
    They don't always look this way. They were just feeling photogenic that day. They wanted to look good for the camera lol.