Thursday, October 6, 2011

HG Items

This post is all about my HG items.  It is very information heavy so beware!

The first thing I really love is my BB cream.  If I only have time to put one thing on, I will put this BB cream on.  A flawless (or near flawless) face is very important to me.
I have been using Skin 79 Oriental BB Cream for a long time but I recently discovered another one that I like much better.  My mom sent me a love package a few weeks ago because I'm away for college and she sent me a BB cream!

L'egere White Multi BB Cream
Photo is featured on the website along with this information:
Six major skin maintenances: Whitening, Anti-spots, Moisturizing, Anti-wrinkling, Anti-aging, Renewal
Four main skin decorating and protection: Enhancement, Coverage, Blocking, Oil adjustment
Main Ingredients:
Arbutin: Capable to whiten spots and whiten the skin.  Restrains the activity of Tyrosinase to reduce the formation of pigments.  Able to whiten already formed pigment particles, spots, and may even block the formation of pigment formation, restrain pigment precipitation, to gradually increase the skin's whitening ability.

Sodium Hyaluronate: Super moisturizing agent.  Increases the skin's natural water replenishing and water locking. Increases the elasticity and prevents dry and loose skin, to further wrinkles.  Also effectively nurtures wrinkles.

Natural Jojoba Oil: The best moisturizing oil for the skin.  High affinity to the skin, and contains natural vitamins, collagen and minerals that are required by the skin.  Provides deep maintenance, allowing skin to become glossy, elastic, anti-wrinkling, and regulates the secretion of oils.

Rose Water: Moistens dry skin; soothes sensitive skin.

Centella Asiaticosides: Helps the skin recover after surgery.  Renewals and promotes the growth of collagen.  Recovers the skin's elasticity and tightness.  Promotes metabolism and prevents skin from aging.

Vitamin E: Super anti-oxidant, renewals the skin, and delays the skin from aging.

Marine Collagen: Recovers the skin's elasticity and tightness.  Provides resistance against aging and wrinkles.
Titanium Dioxide: 100% physical powdery protection.  Decorates kin defects.  Causes no burden to the skin.

Iron Oxide:  Natural mineral provides natural coloring.  Does not easily cause acne.

My take on it:
I really love this cream because it's very lightweight with a lot of coverage.  It is also a good whitening agent.  Since I live in Hawaii, it is not easy to maintain white skin.  This product makes me skin appear lighter while I'm wearing it and it is slowly lightening the skin on my face with prolonged use.  I can use this cream in the place of foundation.  When I wake up late for school, I can apply this cream quickly before heading out of the door. 

Light weight
Easy to apply
Good coverage
Whitens skin
Protects skin from harmful UV rays

Not readily available
Pricey (about $25 on

Dolly Wink Volume Mascara
Photo and information from
Koji Dolly Wink Volume Up Mascara (Black) has an ultra fine brush which makes it easy to apply on the outer corner of the eye and the lower lashes. It contains stereotypes polymer to give thick and separate lashes and help your eyelashes extend upward. Koji Dolly Wink Volume Up Mascara is long lasting and waterproof.

My take on it:
This mascara is great to use on bottom lashes.  The wand is designed so that it's easy to reach problematic areas and bottom lashes.  I really love dramatic bottom lashes and this mascara does it for me.  It lasts all day long without any smudging! 

Easy to apply
Long lasting
No clumping
Thickens lashes dramatically

Pricey ($22.99 on Artiestyle)
Takes time to apply well

MAC Liquid Last Liner in Point Black
Photo and information from the MAC website

A rich colour liquid eye liner that combines long-lasting wear with a non-smudge, non-flake precision line. Goes on effortlessly. Applies with its own brush to draw a perfectly defined line. Available in a wide range of classic and trend shades.

So I ran out of this eyeliner a couple months ago and I went to Macy's (because we do not have a MAC store) to purchase another one.  The woman that helped me said that it's going to be discontinued!  I was really heartbroken because this the only eyeliner that I've tried that does not smear or crease.  I've googled this discontinuation and discovered that all of the colors besides Point Black will be discontinued.  Success!  My HG liner is here to stay (:

My take on it:
This eyeliner is the best thing I've ever decided to purchase ever.  The bottle is so small that when I seen it, I was like, "I paid $18.00 for this small thing?!"  Although the bottle is so small, it lasts me about 3 months.  That's pretty good from my experiences!  The best thing about this eyeliner is that it does not smear or crease!  I mean it's truly waterproof, sweat proof, and almost makeup remover proof!  This thing stays on all day and all night.  I can apply it at 6:00am and by the time I'm ready to go to bed at about 10:00pm-12:00am, it still looks like I just applied it.  It really is that great.  The color is very black, just how I like it!  It is also matte.  I dislike shiny or glittery eyeliner when I'm going for a simple look.  

Extremely long lasting
Color is very black
It's everything an eyeliner needs to be!
Very difficult to take off
Application isn't the easiest as a beginner
Pricey ($18 for a bottle about 3in tall including the cap, which is about an inch)

Those are actually all the things that I use on a regular basis.  I have yet to find more HG items (besides my daily skincare routine).  I will blog about it if I find more HG items (:



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