Friday, December 16, 2011

Anemic, flight pushed back

I've been extremely fatigued and lethargic lately and I'm pretty sure it's because I'm anemic.
I've been extremely anemic a few years ago.  So I know what it feels/looks like to be anemic.
(rapid heart rate, fatigue, lethargy, dizziness, light headedness, pale skin, pale tongue, pale eyes)
(okay pale eyes sounds weird but you know when you do make that silly face where you pull your eyes down and expose that reddish part? lol)

So since I have nothing to really blog about, I will tell you about my adventure with anemia.

Here is a chart of normal range of Hemoglobin levels
Okay so since it happened a few years ago, I was a child.  My Hemoglobin is supposed to be 11-13gm/dl.
When I went to the hospital I was at 6.3gm/dl.
They even wanted to give me an emergency blood transfusion as soon as they received the test results.
There was actually one lady (I think she was the specialist) that said I should just stay in the hospital and take Iron supplements.  My primary doctor lady (who was in charge of me at the hospital) did not like this idea (but I did not like her) so I asked if I could just do the supplements (esp since a transfusion scared the crap out of me)
I had to do a chest xray since I was anemic for so long they thought my heart enlarged (I had PE every other day and we had to run a lot so it was very straining on my heart)
If my heart did enlarge, there was a high chance of my heart failing.
Of course, everything was fine :3 The supplements worked and now I'm here!

So being anemic really sucks.  Can you imagine walking up one flight of stairs and you're feeling so tired that you want to faint?  It's terrible.  I know there are a lot of things out there that feel terrible but I think that feeling weak is one of the worst feelings.  I really feel so helpless.  I can't stand not being able to do things for myself.

Other news, I had to delay my flight until tonight because they would not let my doggie on the plane.  They told me that I'm being cruel to her by putting her in a bag that she cannot stand up in.  Now, they told me to bring her out to try to see if she will fit in another kennel, and she refused to come out of the bag.  I forcefully carried her out and then she ran back into the bag.  I could see it being animal cruelty if she jumped out of the bag at the very second that she could, but she wanted to go back in!  I don't feel like that's animal cruelty.  Now these next few statements are going to be kind of vulgar but I thought it was a fitting analogy.  Please skip to the next paragraph if you are easily offended.  Okay okay so is it domestic violence if your husband/wife likes to get spanked during sexual intercourse?  No right? (I'm sorry if any of you do think that it would be domestic violence but I really don't feel like it would be)  I mean if they like it, I don't really see how it could be domestic violence.  If a neighbor called the police saying that he seen the man next door spank his wife during intercourse, I feel like the police would laugh.  Yeah, I'm not sure how that neighbor would be seeing this, but if it happened... lol.  So how could it be animal cruelty if my dog likes to be in the bag?  I honestly feel like it was out of their place to tell me that I was being cruel to my dog.  She wasn't crying to come out, and she didn't jump out at the very moment I opened the bag.  (I'm sorry if anyone thinks that I'm being cruel to my dog for putting her in a bag that she likes and feels safe in)

Okay sorry about my little rant about the airline people.  I actually had to go out and buy a kennel that she can stand up in and she has to go in the luggage compartment.  I'm really scared for her because she has a pretty severe case of separation anxiety.  She can't stand to be away from me and on top of that, she gets panic attacks when she's in a new environment (she really starts to hyperventilate and shiver non-stop).  She will have to go in the luggage compartment all by herself.  I hope she will be okay.  I'm so afraid that they won't secure her in well and she will be sliding all over the place.  I really hope she doesn't have a severe panic attack.  I wanted to see if I could possibly get tranquilizers for her but I couldn't.  It is hard to get a vet appointment so last minute.

Thank you for reading this super long post about stuff that doesn't matter to you :3
You guys are the best haha!


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