Monday, November 28, 2011

I Love EOS Lip Balms!

I really love EOS lip balms.  I love them so much that I decided to buy the Limited Edition winter collection.   It came with three lip balms for $9.99 at Walgreens!  There was only one left so I had to get it (:  Individual lip balms are priced at about $3.29, so buying the set saved a bit of money ^^
The scents are: Passion Fruit (purple), Strawberry Sorbet (pink), and Mint (green) (Please excuse the fact that I have been using the Mint one! Hehe)

I first heard of this lip balm by watching one of Michelle Phan's videos (I know, lame right?).  I was so interested in the shape of them!  They're like little spheres of pure joy!  I have really flaky and chapped lips (you would think my lips wouldn't be since it's really moist here).  Since it has gotten colder, my lips have been dying!  It's about 69 degrees (F) here and I'm really cold!  It's usually about high 80s to mid 90s here.  Back to the subject, these lip balms really keep my lips moisturized ^^

I don't particularly care for the Passion Fruit or the Strawberry Sorbet scents.  They're kind of sickly sweet in my opinion (thats why I haven't used them).  I really love the Mint scent though!  When I apply it, it kind of feels like a lip plumper.  You know that slightly stinging feeling?  For some reason, I really like that feeling!  (Lip Venom is going a bit too far though, that stuff hurts!)  It smells really nice.  Very minty.

I love these lip balms so much!  I really recommend them (:

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  1. I've seen these and wanted to try them!!!