Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Tag, you're it?

I was tagged by Lena of Lenallure ( follow her!  She's super sweet and her blog is very informative)

1. Link back to the person who gave this award to you
2. Share 7 random things about yourself
3. Answer the "Favorites" questions
4. Award this to 7 bloggers

7 Random things about myself

1.  I fell in love with makeup only after seeing makeup gurus Bubzbeauty and Michelle Phan (Which was about 6 months ago). Prior to that, I've never worn false lashes or even did my makeup in a presentable way.  I practiced and practiced in front of the mirror everyday.  I watched videos and read blogs about how I can do my makeup better and eventually, I got better at it (:

2. I was reading Eki's blog religiously every day (even though she didn't post everyday, I would reread her posts)  I think she's super kawaii and her blog is great.  She actually even inspired me to create this blog.
(this was actually my favorite photo for a long time but now I look back and my mouth looks deformed but my hair and skin look nice.  This is back when I only lined my water lines.)
3. There was a point in time that I took selcas everyday and I actually felt like I was really good at taking pictures.  I guess I got better as I did it so often?  I eventually stopped taking selcas and now I feel like my photos aren't as nice as they were before.

4. I really want to become a makeup artist but I'm going to school to become a pharmacist.

5. I love all things Korean from makeup to women/men to television shows to movies to music and all in between.

6. I'm fairly short (5'2") and one of my favorite Korean idols said that it would be ideal for him to have a girl my height but she must weigh 44kg .  I was thinking, wow, I need to weigh 88lbs!  I even tried to diet and exercise to find out that I didn't account for the extra .2 (the conversion from kg->lb is 2.2)  so I'm actually supposed to weigh 96.8lbs!  Since I weigh about 96.2lbs, I've accomplished that ^^

7. I like to make my own things and do little crafty projects.  I'm working on making an Usamimi <3

The QuestionsFavorite color - Pink
Favorite song - Hmmm... I think I would say either Be My Baby (Wonder girls) or I Can't Live Without You (Jay Park)
Favorite dessert - Tiramisu
What is annoying you - People that think I or any of the people I think are attractive look like monkeys.
When you are upset, you - Cry hahaha!
Your favorite pet - I have a puppy named Maci <3
Your biggest fear - My loved ones going to hell.
My best features - My willpower.
Everyday Attitude - Just survive! Hehe.
What is perfection - Goo Hara.  Or a doll would maybe be an equivalent.
Guilty pleasure - Probably blogging while I'm supposed to be studying.

I tag anyone who wants to do this haha.  I'm kind of lazy to link everyone I would tag.


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