Sunday, November 20, 2011

Miko's First Giveaway CLOSED

I have 50 followers now (actually 52) ^^ I'm so happy!  Thank you all so much!  I'm going to do a giveaway so show my gratitude to you all (:
This is going to be a bit strange.  Since I'm in college away from home, there isn't many shops and such readily available.  I've bought some things online but I shipped them to my home.  I can't take actual photos of the prizes until about December 16th+ so what I'm going to do is make it a surprise giveaway.
I didn't by much so far but I have things in mind to buy when I actually go back home and can go shopping.  You can expect to receive kawaii things if you win since I'm buying everything in twos so I can have one for myself ^^
I've always loved surprise bags for some reason.  It makes it so much more exciting to visualize what that magical bag could possibly be holding.  From my experience, surprise bags usually have unappealing things in them.  If you have similar experiences, I hope this surprise bag will change your mind about things (:
Here is the bag that will hold the mysterious items:
It's a Rilakkuma bag!  Isn't it super cute <3
I found some really cute things at Sephora that I'm probably going to throw in there.
You can definitely expect at least one box of 10pr eyelashes (:

This giveaway is open internationally ^^
The rules are going to be very simple so make sure you follow them for your entry to count!

1. You need to be a follower via GCF
2. I would like to know more about you so tell me something about yourself (:

That's it for the rules!  Simple right?
Okay now for bonus entries:

If you have a blog just for the purposes of giveaways, I humbly ask of you to not attempt the first three bonus entries.  You may submit the fourth one.
1. Make a blog post dedicated to my giveaway with the photo above and a link to this post (doesn't count if you put it in a giveaways page) 2+
2. Put my giveaway in your giveaways page with the photo above and a link to this post 1+
3. Put this giveaway in your sidebar 1+
4. Tell me something you want me to put in the surprise bag 1+
(Please do not say something like "Miko, I would like you to put a 50" screen television in the surprise bag!", please be reasonable with what you ask for.  If it can't fit in the bag, please don't ask for it.  Please don't ask for something that is very expensive ex: Plane Tickets to Korea.  If you ask for something utterly ridiculous, I will not count it as a 1+ bonus entry.  Also, please do not ask for clothing/shoes.  Not everyone is the same size.  Please ask for something that anyone could use like a specific makeup product or hair product.)

Please leave a comment below saying that you're entering along with your GCF name and something about you.
Please leave the URL to your blog post, giveaway page, and/or your blog. 
Please leave your item request as well.
And your email!! (I forgot to ask for this when I originally posted this.  I'm sorry!)

Format example (this information is not serious):

I'm entering!
GCF: Miko
Something about myself: I like to eat pickles dipped into Nutella
Blog post URL:'s-first-giveaway_18.html
Giveaways page URL:
Blog URL:
Please put this item in the surprise bag: a hug

This giveaway will end on December 24th.  I will try my best to put as many items that you guys request as I can!  Good luck!


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