Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Revlon Beyond Natural Foundation Review

I wasn't originally going to do a review on this but I have decided to because I hate it so much.
I bought it since it had SPF in it and it was on sale for about $3.00.
Heres what it looks like right out of the tube.  When I seen it I was like, Uhhhh....
Even though it looks weird, I was thinking that my L'egere BB cream looks really dark when it comes out of the tube but it gets really light when you blend it into your skin.  It is actually supposed to match your skin color.  It only comes in three colors so I chose the lightest one.  Apparently, the more you blend it, the darker it becomes.  There seems to be these little blackish looking specks in the foundation and when you blend it, the specks pop and the color comes out.  
I blended it and the specks popped.  In reality, if you do not blend it all the way and pop all of the specks, some of them will just be streaky or they will remain specks.  From what it seems, you need to fully blend it even though it won't match your skin tone anymore.  Luckily, it's almost a perfect match to my skin.  It is just a tad darker than my skin tone.
So here is how it looks on my face.  Gross.  There's no coverage at all.  It also felt really dry on my skin! I even think it may have dried out my skin even more since it wasn't this dry before I put it on.  Even the swatch I blended into my arm feels dry.  On top of drying my skin, it really made my dry skin noticeable ):  I've read other reviews saying that this product is great and it's moisturizing.  Bella Sugar even said it would be great as a tinted moisturizer!  I'm not sure if it is just that my skin hates this foundation.

Has SPF (but there's so many foundations out there with SPF anyway)

Streaky unless blended extremely well
Made my skin dry
No coverage

Rating: 1/5

Have you ever tried this foundation?  Did it make your skin dry as well?


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