Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Nicole (Kara) "Step" Inspired Tutorial

I was actually planning to do a tutorial on Secret's comeback song "Love is Move" but I recently watched the "Step" video and loved Nicole and Gyuri's makeup!  It was hard to choose which one I wanted to do but in the end I picked Nicole because I thought she looked beautiful with her long(ish) hair.
Click below to see!
Nicole spam! (Screen shots from the MV)

 Okay now onto the tutorial!
I blended my BB Cream with a sparkly highlighting powder so it's a more shimmery look, but that is totally optional.  You can just do your normal foundation routine.

Take a light pink blush and apply it to the apples of your cheeks.  Use a circular motion to blend out your blush.

Take a highlighting powder and apply it to the top of your cheek bones

Now you want to highlight your "T" zone. 

("T" zone)

Apply the highlighting powder to your chin.

and to your temples (remember to blend blend blend!)

Now we're contouring!  Use a powder foundation one shade darker than your skin tone and apply it to the sides of your face.
Now apply it to the outermost area of your jaw to about halfway to your chin.

Now contour the sides of your forehead.

and the top of your forehead (you want to contour along the outermost edges of your face)

Finished with highlighting and contouring.

I'm using elf's cream eyeshadow in eggplant as a base color.

Apply it to your lid and blend until it is a very light color.

Now take a very light blue eyeshadow.  I'm using the light blue in Rimmel London's Glam Eyes Quad Eye Shadow in number 021, State of Grace.

Apply it to your lids and blend out the edges so they aren't harsh.

Finished eyeshadow

Now I'm taking the darker blue from that same palette.

You want to make the inner corners of your eyes darker with this shade.  The innermost corner should be the darkest spot and blend the rest out.

Now with that same shade, line your lash line with it.  You want a line on the thicker side so it shows through your eyeliner.

Wing out the eyeshadow.

Now take an even darker blue.  I'm using Sephora's eyeshadow in Preppy Look 41.

Use it to make the inner most corner of your eye darker and bring the color up following your crease line.

Like so, and if your edges are harsh, blend it.

Now use that same shade to darken the winged part of the eyeshadow in somewhat of a "V" formation and blend it with the previous eyeshadow so it's not a harsh change of color.

How it looks so far. (I actually added more light blue to make it slightly more opaque)

I took the shimmery white/silver color next.

Highlight your brow bone.

Now take a dark gray color.  I'm using the dark color in elf's Black Licorice eyeshadow duo.

Make a smaller wing in the wing you had already made.

Like so.

Taking that same shade, line your lower lash line lightly (oh what a tongue twister!) about a quarter of the way towards the inner part of your eye.

Try to blend it so that the outer part is darker than the inner part.

Now taking that white shade from the Rimmel palette, we're going to highlight our eyes.

Highlight the inner corners of your eyes and bring the color out to the dark gray part of your eyeshadow.  You want the innermost corner to have the most pigmentation.

How it looks so far.

Now take a black cream eyeliner.  I'm using Smash Box's cream eyeliner in charcoal.

Line your lower and upper waterlines.

Line your upper lash line as well.  Try to make your line thin towards the inner corner and gradually get thicker toward the outer corner.  Create a slight wing as well.


Finish it off with false lashes and even if you want, you can create Nicole's gradient lips by taking a hot pink lip stick and applying it to the inner middle part of your lips and then applying a pink lip gloss over your entire lips.

That's it for this look!  I made it a bit more dramatic since my skin tone is darker than Nicole's.

I hope you all enjoyed it!  Kara fighting!


  1. Hi Miko..wut a nice tutorial u got here^^
    Love it!

  2. lovely make up ^^ so pretty on you :D

  3. super nice! why is this not on youtube?!
    (Miko is prettier. ;D)

  4. @L e n a
    No Youtube for me! I don't know how to make videos lol. Nicole is super gorgeous! I wish I was half as pretty as she is!

  5. :) nice tutorial! You're so pretty ~

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    Wow, thank you very much! I truly appreciate it!

  7. Cute! I love Nicole!! <33 and the STEP concept too~~ Cute tutorial~!

    xoxo tifuani

  8. @tifuani
    Hehe I love Nicole too! Thank you very much(:

  9. Oh yay kpop makeup tutorials! Great job! ^^